Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweet Snowman Bento - Happy Holidays!

Well, we are back from the Bahamas - trip of a lifetime. Enjoyed every minute and even though I said I wouldn't, I did pack lunches. They weren't cute though :)

I am packing lunch for the 3 year old this week, she's still in daycare until Thurs. The 6 year old is out of school and hanging with my mom so she is in charge of his lunch!

This is what my little mama got today.

Snowman - Ritz crackers and peanut butter cracker-wiches (is that a word?!). Raisins for the eyes and buttons, fruit leather hat, carrot nose and pretzel arms.

Then strawberries with a Santa pick, cucumbers and a red and green mix made out of veggie booty and cranberries.

Hope you appreciate the "snow" I added around the container for decoration - I'm just so artsy LOL

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dolphin Days Bento

This is my last post for a couple weeks as we are off to the sun and warmth of the Bahamas tomorrow! The 3.5 year old has talked non-stop about meeting her "dolphin friends" as we will be doing a dolphin experience while we are there. So it called for, you guessed it, a dolphin lunch!

Both kids got the same only the 6 year old got the cheese pictured below.

Grapes with penguin and seal picks, goldfish crackers (kind of a given!) , dolphin sandwiches and fruit leather fish on the heart sandwich and Babybal cheese.
Now, just to keep you interested and coming on back, I'll let you in on a little upcoming giveaway. It's some sort of awesome, let me tell you. It's a brand new product from lunchpunch - and here's a clue... it might look a little something like this:

You know you want to rock the gumball sandwich! Stay tuned - giveaway coming up when we get home!