Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winner + Panda and Penguin Bentos

First a big congratulations to Bina, winner of the Sweet Lunch Punch set! And many thanks to Lunch Punch for donating those for the contest. If you haven't already, make sure you check out their website to see all the cool sandwich punches they have! I personally can't wait to get the puzzle one for the 6 year old and the princess one for the 3 year old.

On to tomorrows lunches. The 6 year old is doing a unit on penguins in grade one right now. It's pretty cute as their preschool buddies are coming to their class tomorrow to work on a penguin project with them. Soooo of course we have to have a penguin lunch, just a given, right?

We have a penguin sandwich with fruit leather, icing eyes and a cheese beak and a little cup of fish friends for him. A cup of applesauce with a penguin made out of fruit leather, icing eyes and a mini M&M I broke up. Way to maximize a single mini M&M, huh! Then melon with a homemade pick - I didn't have any penguins so I dug out one of the kids foam stickers and stuck it on a random pick.

Now for the 3 year old, I wanted to use up the fruit leather scraps so for her, I went panda.

I used a teddy bear cutter and added some fruit leather eye rings and for the nose, fruit leather on half a mini marshmellow. I still had some bread scraps so the panda got some babies. Then melon with pandas and little cups of veggie booty and mini rice cakes.

If you notice the 3 year old gets mini rice cakes and veggie booty alot, you are right. She is in that annoying "I don't have much time to eat" stage and I know if I put a little of those in there, she will definately eat those. And let me tell you, she is not a child you want to not eat - when she doesn't, she turns into a miserable mush.  I myself am in that annoying "Can't stop eating" stage and am a mush as result of it - haha!


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