Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Heart Day Bentos

Happy Valentines Day! OK, a day early but you get the idea. I personally love all holidays, how could you not enjoy a reason to celebrate? I was quite excited that my daughter was born on Cinco de Mayo, can't beat a double celebration!

On to the Valentines bentos. The pictures are weak - but no natural light and all that, this is the best I could do.

The 6 year olds:

Strawberries with heart picks. Little heart cookies. Babybel cheese with a heart cut out. A little heart container with dried cranberries. Sandwich with a kiss and a hug cut out of fruit leather.
The 3 year olds is nearly identical. Due to her dairy allergy though, she has red peppers cut into hearts instead of the cheese.
 Spent tonight cutting hearts out of honeydew and cantaloupe and putting them on popsicle stickers for the 6 year olds grade one class. I'll try and remember to take a picture before they head off to school. He did remind me it was also pink and red day and informed me that there was no way he was wearing pink - so he's sticking to red.

The 3 year old is having red day but we are going rouge - we are busting out the heart ruffles. They are covered in hearts, can't get more Valentines than those pants!

Hope you have a great day with the ones you love!


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