Friday, March 16, 2012

St Patricks Bento Lunch

Since there won't be any reason to pack a lunch tomorrow, I made a St. Patty's lunch for my leprechauns a day early for daycare and spring break camp.

I'm terrible at free handing things so for the shamrock sandwiches I lightly stamped a heart cookie cutter in 3 places so I knew where to cut the bread. Works best if you do each piece of bread then add the filling inside.

I briefly considered coloring the peanut butter green but figured that was one step away from "cool lunch, mom!" and one step closer to "call in her reservation for a padded room".

So we have veggie booty, cut up cucumbers and dip in a clover case, Sunrype Fun Bites in a green package, cheerios with a single Skittle (loot bag candy I had confiscated) and the shamrock sandwich with a shamrock pick.

Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow or my littlest leprechaun would be more than happy to give you a pinch!


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