Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Bunny Bento

My grand plan is to do an Easter bento all 4 days the kids will be in school/daycare this week so look for them! Of course my grand plans don't always pan out but I'll try my best.

It's always nice doing bentos on Sundays. It's relaxing, I do it in the afternoon, the light is good for the pictures.... When I'm doing it after work, in between dinner/bedtimes, it's a little more hectic!

I have 2 for you this week.

First the 3 year olds - she's my veggie lover and my dairy allergy.

She has: deli turkey with a bunny fork pick, a bubby made out cucumbers and carrots (hey, I'm very proud of that one - isn't he cute?!) melon with a few bunny grahams in a yellow cup and finally wheat thins with a bunny pick.

The 6 year olds. He's my sensory issues/picky guy.

He has: deli turkey with a chick and bunny picks, wheat thins with a cheese bunny, more pieces of cheese for his crackers in a side wrapper (more on that in a second), some bunny grahams and some melon with a sheep pick.

My awesome pod-mate at work brought me those side dish partion cups (the wrapper looking thing holding the extra cheese) from Vancouver. They are awesome, they fold open and you push down so there is a bottom and then you can stick things into them. Love it! I like the baran pieces for separating stuff but those are way better as there is nothing touching or seeping through at the bottom.

Well, see you tomorrow for round 2 of Easter lunches!


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