Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Bunny Bento

I pulled it off - here is the 4th and final lunch! I had to make a ton of chocolate popcorn for my husbands bake sale last night and it almost didn't happen. The guilt got to me though and here are Thursdays lunches!

3 year old - Annie's bunny grahams and crackers with veggie booty down the side. Rabbit sandwich with carrot ears, fruit leather whiskers and a pretzel mouth. She's being a diva and her fruit has to be separated at the moment....
6 year old. He will for sure come home stating that it didn't look like a bunny - I'll put money on it! Same thing only with grapes and rice cakes for ears. Oh and Cheecha puffs down the side (I have a small addiction to them!)


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