Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bentos from the past...

Robot bento.

The 6 year old loves a good robot. Cheese and lettuce sandwich with pretzel arms, crust mouth and circles cut out of fruit leather for eyes. Strawberries and the rest of the fruit leather speared with robot picks and a few fishy crackers.

Number 3 Bento

Leftover pancakes with jam inside - for the 3 year old (bet you figured that out!) Grapes with animal picks, fishy crackers and bear cereal things from the health food store.

Pirate Bento - dairy free version.

The 3 year old has a dairy allergy. Her pirate sandwich uses red pepper and cucumber peel for the face. Veggies on people picks (she loves those), strawberries with animal picks and some raisins and veggie booty.

Pirate bento.

Pirate sandwich with with a cheese face and cucumber peel and red pepper features. Homemade granola bar (remind me to post the recipe!), strawberries with animal picks, raisins and veggie booty.

Bear Bento

Quick bear sandwiches with raisins and craisins for the eyes and mouth. Strawberries with bear pics. Honey fishy crackers (bears like honey, they do match the theme!) and raisins in a bear cup.

French Toast Bento.

Leftover french toast (breakfast for dinner, yum!) rolled up with jam. Strawberries, whole grain rice cakes and cucumber people.


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