Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's do this thing!

So here goes - first official post on Bento Diva!

First, I posted some things under the FAQ on the left side (<----- over there, under the cupcake) along with a few things under About Me. The FAQ might answer some questions you have about Bento, the About Me - well, probably won't LOL

On the previous post, I posted some pictures of bentos I've made my kids. Yes, I use alot of the same things. Why? My kids are picky. They aren't going to go for that traditional seaweed, molded egg type deal. No way, no how. I gotta make it cute and fun - but I have to make it so they want to eat it as well. (Try being around the 3 year old when she hasn't eaten - not pretty). I try and keep it healthy but I'm not uber crazy either (like my mom was. Seltzer and carob? Not a treat. Just sayin'.)

Anyway, on to the fun cause I want you to bento too! Yes, you. It's giveaway time! (And keep checking back as I ordered some more bento things for me and got a couple more things for giveaways as well).

Here's what you can win today - a set of marine cutters great for cutting cheese and ham! Just post a comment on this post with your name/email and I will choose a name by random draw next Thursday! If you aren't local I'll happily mail it. if you are, you can pick it up yourself. Love you!

PS - You can be emailed with updates on this blog by subscribing on the right :)


Christine Norman said...

What a great idea Kim! I have started doing the regular Bento with Adam but have not got into shapes and themes yet. I have always loved the kids lunches. Ever since Morgan was a toddler:) Can't wait to see more ideas!
Christine Norman

iris said...

i am subscribed! i <3 your bentos!
iris nakama :)

Unknown said...

The site looks fantastic Kim! Can't what until this really takes off for you and I cab say, "I KNOW the Bento Diva!" Also I am happy to say that I got myself some lock and lock containers today. Now to have my own kids and start doing the cute stuff like you do!
Dani Holmes

jeng said...

YAY! I love those cute lunches and I know my daughter will too (and she's almost 10)! Just nee to find those cute little containers! Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

Quon said...

Wahoo! Glad you got thus going! Can't wait to see what's next!

Denise said...

Yay!! Hope for great things for us and you with the blog. :)


Carrie said...

Loving these ideas!

Jodi said...

Always the coolest lunches.


Michelle Leigh said...

You are my hero. I just picked up a bento for Annika yesterday, maybe I'll give it a go! I need to stock up on cookie cutters though!

Rachel Joy said...

Such inspiration for making lunches- which I normally make it fun! Would love to try out some bento supplies! My kids will be the hit of the lunch roon :)

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