Friday, September 16, 2011

TGIF Lunches

Today's lunches..

Strawberry Garden

For the 3 year old:

Strawberry PB&J sandwiches - I poked in a few of those red cake decorating sprinkles to make it more strawberry like. Hulls of the strawberries are veggie booty.

A couple flower mini sandwiches so not to waste the rest of the bread, veggie bootie and grapes with flower picks.

The Letter M

The 6 year old asked for "M" sandwiches so that's what he got. Made them cuter by polka dotting them with fruit leather.

Grapes with robot picks, a cereal bar cut into 3 and speared with a pic and a few pretzels.


Christine Norman said...

I love the strawberries and polka dots. I made Adam an almond butter teddy bear sandwich today. I need to find some smaller little containers for dip though. He is always up for dipping these days.

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