Monday, September 19, 2011

Peanut Butter Piggy, Perhaps?

Welcome to tomorrows lunches!

Peanut Butter Piggy

For the 3 year old. A little too cutesy for the 6 year old!

Making the pig: Cut 2 circles of bread and punched out 2 holes for the nostrils. Spread with PJ&J (you see the jam peeking out through the nostrils). Squished the 2 together. Cut a triangle cracker in 2 for the ears and red pepper for the inner ear and mouth. Eyes are a combo of a baking decoration (white thing) and raisins.

Then we have grapes with fellow farm animal picks and some fishies in an animal cup. Oh and some veggie booty as it reminded me of curly pig tails!

For the 6 year old

A Whales Tale

Punched the whale and water out of a piece of bread with small cutters. (Uses the same set you can win below! Don't worry - yours is the new and unopened set!) Made his favorite cheese and lettuce sandwich letting the cheese show for the whale and the lettuce show for the water. Fishy crackers to swim around the whale.

Cut up grapes with a whale and fish picks.

Small bowl of water (OK, berry sugar free applesauce) with a seal on a "rock" (aka strawberry). Picture taken before the lid was put on for the applesauce container, I'm not that wild and crazy!

If you've enjoyed these lunches, please take a second to comment! Gives me motivation to keep posting if I know people are diggin' them :) Also feel free to tell your friends, re-post of facebook (I totally love that) and don't forget to enter the contest a few posts down!


Kristi Mangan said...

Super cute Kim! Keep 'em coming! :)

jeng said...

Very cool!

Christine said...

So great Kim. I love the pig. Great idea. I made Adam a car sandwich for his lunch tomorrow. I am enjoying this so much even though Adam is a little young to appreciate it:) PS Where do you buy the veggie bootie from? It always looked so tasty.

Kim said...

Christine - you used to have to buy it at the health food store but now you can buy it at Thriftys!

Denise said...

Where do you get the cute picks from?

Kim said...

Denise, I get most of them on eBay! Just search "Bento picks". Tons of cute ones. I ordered some extras for a giveaway, coming up!

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