Monday, October 17, 2011

Bentos - By You!

This was so much fun, I'd love to keep it going! Send any pictures of your cute lunches to kimineurope @ and every couple of weeks (or when I get a few), I'll post them!

Quick shout out to Christine for always commenting on my posts and to Nic for posting about my blog on her Facebook yesterday. (Hi, Nic's friends!)

Here we go - your lunches! Make sure you leave a comment below and tell these ladies how much they rock for sharing their lunches!

These were Jen's first bentos - awesome job! She reported back that her kids ate every bite!

This bento is from Christine. She's seen my lunches for the last 4 years while caring for my babies and it's so much fun that she now has the cutest little boy to make bentos for!

This lunch is from Amber - she could have many lunches to make in years to come as her daughter is determined to marry my son! LOL

These adorable lunches are from Sarah. (We've just had our Thanksgiving here in Canada in case you are in the US and were wondering!)

And a Halloween one from Sarah:


Christine said...

What great lunches everyone:) So fun to see everyone's ideas! I am looking forward to when Adam is old enough to enjoy the picks and other theme items:)

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