Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Before I get to lunch, you know I have a love for the Lock N Lock containers, right? Well, I was cleaning out this huge drawer they all live in and it turns out, I don't just have a love - I have a problem! I swear, there weren't that many in there yesterday! Apparently I should be packing lunch for half of grade one or something! This will have to be our little secret. Please don't phone "Hoarders".
OK, lunch. The lunches started out using the DynoBytes sandwich cutters - I like these because they just cut off the crusts and don't waste much else. I picked up the dinosaur and dolphin ones while at Safeway one day, you know how they have those ends of random things? There. I dig them as I get tired of cutting the crusts off for my seriously anti-crust 3 year old. Why she has such a hatred for crusts, I'll never know. And here I swore I'd be one of those moms who never cut the off crusts. Never say never, especially with a diva in the house.

Today I used different containers, I used to use these all the time for my lunch but forgot about them. They are the Ziplock disposable ones (but I reuse them).

In the one section, homemade pumpkin cranberry cookies.

Next, apple slices in a checkboard pattern. This is SUPER easy, don't be scared off as it looks cool. You just score the apple in both directions then with a point knife, sort of pry off the skin squares you don't want. I normally don't pack apples because of the browning but I wanted to try a trick I had heard about. I was drinking a can of Sprite and apparently if you dip the apples in there, they don't brown. Sure enough, worked awesome. I packed these at night and they were still fine in the morning!

Then the dinos! Cut with the cutter listed above. Then I used another tip of a random flower cutter to cut the crust into spikes for their backs. I used baking sprinkles for the eye and mouth (and made the eye dot with an edible writer pen). The grass in the background isn't edible, it's a food divider called "baran" in bento land. You can get all sorts of baran so that your food items don't touch if you don't use sectioned boxes.

Finally, the part the 6 year old loved - a dinosaur joke.

Q: What kind of dinosaur keeps you up at night?
A: A bronto-SNORE-us

Hey, it's funny when you are six!

Leave a comment - please? I love knowing you all are reading this - otherwise I feel I'm chatting with myself! (Which is not all that unusual....)

PS - I have 3 photos so far of lunches you are packing, yay! Keep them coming, I will post them next week. Just pack a cute lunch of some sort this week, take a picture and send it to kimineurope @ hotmail.com . Doesn't have to be fancy or a work of art, just show us what you made!


Christine said...

I love it! I need to get a few of the sandwich cutters. Too cute! Great idea with the apple too:-)

Unknown said...

I think I may have to make myself a checkered apple right now! Great tip with the sprite!

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