Sunday, October 2, 2011

Q and A

I've had a bunch of people ask some questions so I thought I'd post this here.

If you have a question, feel free to post it in the comments and I'll add it on to this post.

Q: What do you use for your bentos?
A: At the moment it's the Lock N Lock boxes which have the 4 squares. I like them because you can have all 4 squares, take 2 out for something larger on one side etc. I also like that they go all the way up to the lid so there is no mixing it up going on between squares.

Q: Where do you buy these Lock N Lock containers?
A: Well, if you are in the US, you probably have alot more options than I do! I've ordered them to a friend from before. However, since then I did a happy dance (seriously, I did - I apologize if you witnessed it) when I saw them at my local Sears.

Q: What about other bento style boxes? Link
A: I'm totally open to trying them, I just haven't yet. There are some super cool boxes out there with sections like Go Green Lunchboxes and PlanetBox. There are also the traditional Asian style bento boxes which are non-sectioned.

Q: Where do you get your supplies?
A: For the most part, I get them on eBay. I just search Bento Picks or whatever I'm looking for. I usually go with sellers that have a good combined shipping rate to Canada. Normally I can order quite a bit for $6 in shipping or so.

As far as a specific website, I keep meaning to try this one out. Tons of stuff and reasonable shipping:

All Things For Sale

Other than that, when I'm in Vancouver (Richmond to be precise) or Seattle, I hit up Daiso. They have a great selection of picks, boxes and some other things.

I just keep my eyes open everywhere in case I see something that would work. Dollar stores, Michaels, you just never know where you'll find things. I usually get my cookie/sandwich cutters at the local bakers supply store.

Q: How do you think of ideas?
A: Usually it's something my kids are into - like say Morgan and the robot lunch. Sometimes it's ideas I've pinched from things I've seen online. Depends on the day!

Q: Do your kids eat all their lunch?
A: Well, here's the thing. I think it's important that cute is balanced with what they will eat. As in, there is no point in me making a cute seaweed decoration as there is no chance they will eat it. So I make what they will like, then cute it up. If I'm not sure if they will, I'll usually give it to them at home first to see. Kids need fuel to learn all day and I need to know they have the energy to do that.

OK, so post any other questions I haven't answered and I'll put them on here with the answer. Come on, you know you wanna!

Also, don't forget to enter the contest below for the adorable food picks!


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