Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumkinhead Bento

I love my little pumpkinheads. The 6 year old lost tooth #6 today. When he smiled, I told him he looked like a jack-o-lantern. He made me smile and said "Hmm, no gaps. Guess you are just a regular pumpkin then".

I made something for the 3 year old to take into daycare tomorrow, think the kids and teachers will enjoy it. Used food coloring and made orange rice krispie squares, pressed it into a round dish and added a fruit leather face and paper stem.

I didn't do it for the 6 year olds class, the whole allergy thing freaks me out. However, I couldn't not give him a special treat so I made him a little rice krispie pumpkin. The stem is one of my flower leaf picks.

He also has melon and cheese and crackers. The orange Ritz would have probably be more pumpkiny but I'm a sucker for anything labelled "whole grain". Behind it in a little container is pita chips I made with a pumpkin cookie cutter. Take the pita, cut it up, spray with some cooking spray and bake. They are crunchy and delish!

And the 3 year old's lunch. No dairy makes it tricker. (Hello dairy allergy, you are cramping my theme style, go aaaaway! LOL)

She has pita chips with salsa (there is a pumpkin in the salsa but don't feel bad if you can't see it LOL), watermelon with a spider and orange flower picks, veggie booty with a black cat and finally, crackers with peanut butter and a fruit leather face.

And finally, this super cute lunch submitted by Amber!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog!!! I just stumbled on this while on GF ;) and I will be using it for inspiration for preschool lunches!


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