Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monster Love

Wanted to do something cute for the 6 year old. I always am careful to try and walk that fine line between cute and cutesy as frankly, I don't want to pay for the therapy down the road LOL

So what he got today was a very cute but not cutesy monster sandwich. What 6 year old boy doesn't like monsters? Especially the ones that come in the cheese and lettuce variety!

I've been using a larger Lock N Lock container (it comes with 3 rectangle sections) and just piecing together things with odd and random containers. Whatever works!

The monster sandwich I cut out with a large glass. He has pretzel rods with a piece of veggie booty stuck on each to make those monster.... whatever you call 'em? Horns? Ears? His eyes are fruit leather and the white thing is a baking sprinkle that I put a black dot on with an edible marker. His teeth are cheese.

Then he has some honeydue melon with spaceship picks (closest thing I had to monster) and the rest of his dried papaya he conned his dad into buying.

Maybe a good Halloween lunch for your little monster....errr.... child?

PS - thanks to those following this blog :) Makes me happy when you follow, repost on Facebook or comment - many thanks!


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