Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mickey Monday!

This is for the 3 year olds lunch tomorrow so it's getting named Mickey Monday!

This lunch is packed in large Lock N Lock container but it didn't work with the 3 inserts so I just used some other random containers.

I made a PB&J sandwich and cut out the circle with a large cup (then ate the rest for my lunch today!) Stuck 2 mini rice cakes in as the ears. The eyes and nose are flattened out raisins and the mouth is a strip cut out of a piece of fruit leather.

I totally admit to the cucumber Mickey being kind of freaky but hey, it's the thought that counts! Cut up cukes and peppers with a Mickey sauce container that has salad dressing for dipping. The other container is strawberries with a red bear pick that we will pretend is a mouse because it worked with the Mickey colors!

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Christine said...

So cute. I still totally need to find some mini containers for dipping.

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