Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just a small amount of cuteness....

Now, before you get any crazy ideas, not all of my lunches are cute. In fact, many are not so cute or even just plain boring.

This is the 6 year olds lunch from the other day. I was trying to throw his lunch together, leave for work and (oh crap, it's orange day) cover the 3 year old with orange stickers at the same time. Apparently no one in this house owns anything orange, who knew?

So I just try and add a little bit of cute on those days. Sometimes a little cute is better than no cute, right? I took whole grain alphabet pretzels (Blue Menu, from the Superstore) and pressed them into his sandwich to spell out his name. I added a hippo pick to his fruit and cut up his cereal bar so fishy crackers could swim around it. Quick, easy and done!

And speaking of orange day, Christine (who works at the 3 year olds daycare and is obviously much more organized than I am!) prepared this for her little boy:

Doing a one color lunch is always fun - or even a rainbow lunch!

Now, I need some comments on the following:

1) Halloween bento. Do I pack one on Halloween day because that makes sense or should I do it this week, so you can see ahead of time? Or maybe both? Let me know.

2) How the heck do I get people to post comments? I see lots of blogs and there are tons of comments so how do I get that happening? Do people not know how to comment? Or just too lazy like I usually am?? LOL I totally want this blog to be a network of sharing of ideas so I need to know you are out there! Random strangers, this means you too. Come on people, don't make me guilt you like this.

3) Finally, are there any themes you want me to bento? Any ideas? Tell me and I'll see what I can do. The rule will be I will only use what I have on hand so that I really have to use my old rusty noggin.

And what I did above is what one of the 3 year olds beloved teachers would call "the sandwich". Nice comment/yell at you/nice comment. HA! Is that not true, Krystal? And yet so fitting for a lunch blog!


Christine said...

Let's see. I am totally doing a Halloween lunch for Adam on Halloween. I have a few ideas for it already so I am good with either seeing your before for more ideas or waiting:) As for the comments I suggest you give prizes for whoever comments the most in a certain period of time. lol :) Really I have no idea. I just am really excited to finally be able to have fun putting Adam's lunches together. And last but not least a rainbow lunch would be cool. I would love to see that. I am also trying to figure out some fun things to add to lunches (like the picks) but for a toddler. Great lunch like usual Kim. I love those pretzels. I had them at Adam's birthday:)

Jodi said...

The reason I never comment is because I don't actually come to your site ever, I just read the emails so your posts just simply out of laziness. But I love all your lunches and have tried a few things so far, just need to get some of those containers. Also I got my cutters, thanks so much the kids are excited to try them

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